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On Our Own Clock

by On Our Own Clock

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    Cover Art by Djib Anton.

    LPs bought on Bandcamp will include a limited edition fanzine edited by Emma Warren and designed by Vusi Hlatywayo, which includes interviews with the musicians, session photos by Theodorah Ndlovu, Lukhanyo Mfenqa & Tseliso Monaheng and writing by Emma Warren, Tseliso Monaheng & Tabara Ndiaye Korka.

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Be The Light 04:17
If you follow a light down a dark path, The path can go anywhere, Eventually leading to a dark end. If you are the light, you are the path. To all bright MFers out there in the world: Keep shinning, man. Respect to SAAFIR & BENNI B! • Panic & propaganda spreading at the Speed of Light; If this be the Life, At the speed of Light, I beat a MIC. But what’s a MIC when these MFers beat a Life Delete a Life!? What’s a Life, if you don’t see the Light? Do me right, Or we all die tonight! End a Life, Yours or mine, Better choose it right. How you livin’ when the livin’ ain’t even Life? How you livin’ when the childred ain’t eatin’ right? Speakin’ right, Thinkin’ right, Where the neophytes? I guess we all die tonight? That ain’t right. Be The Light, Or we lose our Life. What it’s really gon’ take, to save a Life? Save the world? Scared of death, but what else you got? Immortality — Don’t know how to do it right. It’s all over the walls, All over the scrolls, See the Light! Walk to the Light, Be the Light! Universal Light, GodBody Light, The Only Light! Body the MIC, Body your mind, ‘Till you see The Light. The Grandmaster is here, Grand awakening Year, Be The Light. I Am the Light! Body the MIC, Body your mind, ‘Till you see The Light. The Grandmaster is here, Grand awakening Year, Be The Light. I Am the Light! I’m here to remind you: Remember to remember. Here to remind you: Return to Sender, The Godbody is your body, Tangible Light Body, Light Being on a journey, Moving at the Speed of Life. Just one breathe at a time, One step at a time; A good pace for living Life! You got what you need, If you just remember to be. Whatever you wanna be. Whatever you wanna be, B-Girl, B-Boy; A moving body that’s free! All that you need is to Say the Words, And Let It Be. A moving body that’s free! All that you need is to Say the Words, And Let It Be.
Ngikhethile 03:19
Ngizikhethile (x4) Ngizikhethile Nawe uma uthanda ungazikhetha Ngizikhethile (Mina mina) Nawe uma uthanda ungazikhetha (Mina Mina) Ungaba yilokho ozifisela khona emhlabeni (Wena wena) Ufeze konke ngothando empilweni (Mina mina) Ungaba yilokho ozifisela khona emhlabeni (Mina mina) Ufeze konke ngothando empilweni (Wena wena) Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho ozifisela khona emhlabeni Ufeze konke ngothando empilweni (Mina mina) Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilo— (x 7) Ungaba yilokho ozifisela kana emhlabeni (Wena wena) Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho… Ungaba yilokho… [infinity]
808 O'Clock 03:47
Dune Dance 06:08
Verse I: Damola Owolade Check it, Got loose, pull the thread from a woolen garment/ Warming to a virgin of flames in the apartment/ Geospatially located to the north of J-secular/ Right angler, perpendicular/ To a pharaoh prior to the caliphate invasion/ Iterate the arc of a live installation/ Excavating with his mans and them/ Chop it up in good faith without the ad hominem/ What’s the flava kid? A basket of persimmon/ Techno-cratic, no dilettante (dilettante)/ Notation that could gas up a blaue augen/ Slippery slope to getting trapped in a cauldron/ Deep rooted, with ginger in his pocket/ Gary Payton could gaurd him/ Picking his pocket is a fool’s hope/ It could only be Uncle D Nasty, the misanthrope/ Bookmark with treasury bills and got lit/ Cite when he spoke on it, spokes on a wheel / At the apogee he even keel/ A pound of a flesh in the jaws of a mastif/ Dancing on flat fifths/ You know the devils chord/ For y’all to teleport/ Beyond revolving doors/ Representing Moors/ With everything to lose/ Herbalise, verbalise the Blues/ Incorrigibly breaking all the house rules/ The views of a sentient dropping the indelible/ With purpose/ His variant, nearly infallible/ It's cut throat/ Chorus: Nosisi Ngakane Tell the hood, I’m chillin’! Tell the girls, I’m with them! Tell Mom, It’s in the fridge, and… Tell the GODS, We’re still building! Verse II: Grandmaster CAP Get in where I fit in— Middle-End-or-the-Beginnin’, I be going for the killin’, Every time I start spittin’. Don’t be askin’ how I do it, I’m a FKN rhyme villain. Illin’! Col’ chilllin’! Son, I’m cooler than a million! Steady droppin’ heavy bullion, Opulence for generations; Buildin’ for the children, Son, this just the foundation! Godly inundation. River of creation, SOUTH GOD, northbound, Delivering Civilisation! Mind liberation, Against indoctrination; Heavy propagation, Of World-depopulation! What the FCK they perpetratin’!? Overly amazing: 6 Billion & y’all children, 6 Billion & y’all chillin’, 6 Billion & uh… Man, what the FCK I’m countin’? Happily vaccinated. Really contaminated; Soon to be eliminated. Certainly not fated: Life, what you make it! So, get about the makin’, Need to get up off your bacon, The world needs savin’, But y’all heavily sedated! (Heavily Sedated) Chorus: Nosisi Ngakane Tell the hood, I’m chillin’! Tell the girls, I’m with them! Tell Mom, It’s in the fridge, and… Tell the GODS, We’re still building!
Revelation 04:32



Pre-pandemic, there was a plan. The plan was for musicians from South Africa and Senegal to travel to London’s influential Total Refreshment Centre to make an album with musical kindred spirits in the UK. Like so many plans, it had to be adapted.

During the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, groups of heavy-hitting musicians met for a day of intense recording in their home cities then sent the music to their compadres across the oceans. They returned to the studio a month later to respond to the music they’d been sent. The result is ‘On Our Own Clock’, a sonic testament to trenchant and collaborative creativity which digs into layers of South African jazz, traditional Senegalese instrumental music and London’s rich diaspora-informed musicality. Individually these are powerful strands of music. Collectively, they are super-sized.

‘On Our Own Clock’ contains interludes titled ‘How To Make Art In A Pandemic’. The phrase became a byword and a prayer to keep the process going across the multiple hurdles that presented themselves: people getting Covid; the fear and fury that proliferates in the twin pandemics of Covid and racism; the practicalities of making music across two continents. It builds on another phrase, in the spirit of evolution and improvisation: two words used in the foreword to Toni Morrison’s novel Jazz in which she describes the ‘unreasonable optimism’ of musicians. Making this album was unreasonably optimistic even before the pandemic. To have created a deeply-rooted and warm-hearted gem like this is extraordinary.

Album highlights among the phenomenal 11 tracks include singles ‘Dune Dance’, which steps and hustles around a gorgeous groove that was written in Joburg and reflected back by the London players. ‘Ngikhethile’ (an isiZulu word which translates as ‘I Have Chosen’) fuses playing from across continents in an incrementally intense salutation to powerful optimism. ‘Be The Light’ draws deep from the endless well of feeling that the Senegalese kora provides, and builds up and outwards from a sweet-yet-solid bedrock and Grandmaster Cap’s vocals. Like he says:

"If you are the light, you are the path. To all the bright motherfuckers out there, keep shining."

The release is a collaboration between South African label Mushroom Hour Half Hour and Total Refreshment Centre recordings. It comprises the single album with artwork by Senegalese designer Djib Anton; a fanzine which documents the process and will be included with the vinyl; and an experimental film made by South African filmmakers Nhlanhla Masondo and Tseliso Monaheng. It imagines a far-future post-pandemic world and also includes artist interviews, session footage and the inevitable Zoom recordings.

One day, the musicians will play together in person. But for now, On Our Own Clock is inspiration, dispersed positivity and eleven incredible pieces of musical togetherness.


released September 3, 2021


Alabaster de Plume – Saxophone (UK)
Asher Gamedze – Drums (South Africa)
Damola Owolade – Emcee (Nigeria)
Danalogue – Synthesizer, Piano & Saxophone (UK)
Grandmaster CAP – Emcee (South Africa)
Lex Blondin – Drum Machine (UK)
Mpumelelo Mcata – Electric Guitar (South Africa)
Nosisi Ngakane – Vocals (South Africa)
Siya Makuzeni – Trombone & Vocals (South Africa)
Tarang Cissoko – Kora (Senegal)
Tebogo Austebza Sedumedi – Electric Bass (South Africa)
Theon Cross – Tuba (UK)
Yahael Camara Onono – Percussion (UK / Senegal / Nigeria)
Zoe Molelekwa – Keyboards & Wurlitzer (South Africa)

Johannesburg Sessions
Recorded at AMPD Studios, Newtown on 27 July & 17 August 2020
Recorded by Thabang Madia
Recorded at M3H HQ on 23 December 2020, 13 February, 23 February, 4 March & 13 March 2021
Recorded by Andrew Curnow

London Sessions
Recorded at Total Refreshment Centre on 27 July and 15 August 2020
Recorded by Kristian Craig Robinson

Dakar Sessions
Recorded at Deedo Dakar Studio on 07 August 2020
Recorded by PassaBeatz

Edited and Mixed by Dion Monti
Mastered by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx Mastering
Produced by Andrew Curnow, Danalogue, Dion Monti, Lex Blondin, Ngoma Makhosi & Nhlanhla Masondo

This project was made possible through the support of British Council SSA Arts, through their New Art New Audience project; and the National Arts Council of South Africa. Thank you for standing by us during the year that was 2020.

Danalogue appears courtesy of Impulse! Records


all rights reserved



Mushroom Hour Half Hour Johannesburg, South Africa

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